Comrade Chinoz Sez…

Joseph “Chinoz” Chinotimba, newly elected Member of Parliament for Buhera South, Zimbabwe, is an interesting man. He is the subject of the most popular jokes in Zimbabwe. The jokes, usually alleged Chinoz quotes, are made even funnier because one can never dismiss the possibility that the quotes are real.  Here’s a popular example:

Chinoz is the keynote speaker at an opening ceremony for a new prison in Masvingo. This is what he says:  “People of Masvingo, the problem with you is that sometimes you’re too slow. I won’t be surprised when people come from as far as Hwange, Harare and Bulawayo to use this prison before even one of you does!”

I hope you laughed, because it is a joke. You probably didn’t think that he actually ever said this. I don’t think so either, but even  I am not sure. You see, this is Chinoz we’re talking about. Check out this Youtube clip of his first speech in parliament, delivered on September the 24th, 2013. He made the comments following President Robert Mugabe’s call for the Zimbabwean government to end corruption within its ranks. (The first few lines are in Shona. Also, I provide a transcript below for those who cannot watch the video).

“This is where corruption begins [in parliament]. We’re laughing at each other here. ZANU PF MP’s laugh at MDC MP’s, and MDC MP’s laugh at ZANU PF MP’s. That is corruption!”

(ZANU PF and MDC are the two main political parties in Zimbabwe. MP is short for Member of Parliament)

Well, that’s a funny one, isn’t it!? And you know he said it! Do you know any more funny ones by Cde Chinoz? Let me know in the comments!

Cde Joseph Chinotimba, just before entering the Parliament building (source:

Cde Joseph Chinotimba, just before entering the Parliament building (source:


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