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Kurwizi – A Tribute to Jamal Mataure

It was with great sadness that I received news of Jamal Mataure’s passing away. He died at his home in Mutare, after a long illness.

Jamal is most well-known for the hit song, “Kurwizi,” which many consider to be the best song of the urban grooves era. In my Top 15 Zimbabwean Songs article, I placed it at number four. I, like most people, wrongly attributed this song to Betty Makaya. It appears that the song is actually Jamal’s, featuring Betty Makaya.

Kurwizi took Zimbabwe by storm when it was released in 2003. A lovely sing-along with sublime lyrics and a stellar piano performance, it won many people’s hearts, becoming one of the greatest hits ever. In my book, it is Zimbabwe’s best duet ever.

Here is the video from Youtube:

Rest In Peace Jamal.


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