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Siemens C10D vs. Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung Galaxy Ace (image by Cnet UK)

Samsung Galaxy Ace (image by Cnet UK)

Siemens C10D's

Siemens C10D’s








No, I did not randomly pick these two phones. The C10D is the first cellphone I ever owned (I got it around 1998), and the Ace is my current phone. I’m feeling nostalgic, and people seemed to like my Nokia 3310 post, and so I decided to compare the two phones and my experiences with each one.

I say the C10D was my first cellphone, but it really belonged to my family, not me. But now, 15 years later, my dad has his own phone; my mom has one; my younger brother has one; my two younger sisters have one each; I have my own too. That’s what 15 years does.

It’s hard to compare the technical details of these phones – they come from different ages. I’ll let GSM Arena do the comparison:

Siemens C10D



Samsung Galaxy Ace

Galaxy Ace


Yes, the C10D is one and a half times heavier. It doesn’t have Bluetooth, wifi, an MP3 player, a camera, a voice recorder, or GPS. Hey, it doesn’t even have a clock!

But one thing is fascinating: the voice quality of the two phones is nearly the same. For 15 years, we’ve been adding cameras, Bluetooth, wifi, touchscreens, apps (Facebook, Whatsapp), FM radio, games – and yet the sound quality hasn’t improved much. Huh!? What does “phone” mean by the way? I won’t spend too much time decrying the priorities of phone-makers, but I need to say something about the changes that the new phones have brought.

I was at home recently, and my mom said to me: “You know, you really spend a lot of time looking at your phone.” Coming from my mom, it felt like a ton of C10D’s collapsing over me. I realized that I do spend a lot of time on my phone. I can try to justify what I do on the phone, but the truth is that most of it is time-wasting (even though I don’t play games).  When I had the C10D, playing with the phone meant trying to navigate the menus after switching the language. It was very easy to do and it quickly got boring. True story. So I really only had the phone in my hand when I was making or receiving a call, or when I was sending a text message. The rest of the time, I was socializing with people. Or sleeping. But that wasn’t even the best part. Receiving a phone call was one of the most glorious moments (cue angelic music).

But now, calling somebody is almost like annoying them. They usually have better things to do, like playing Angry Birds or liking pictures on Facebook – even during dinner. At dinner tables, people often have their cellphones out. They are checking Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Mxit, Kik, mChat, Viber and ChatOn. And this is all they say during dinner: “Hahaha! [My Facebook friend] is funny!” Sigh.

I understand Whatsapp is cheaper than calling, but what is the cost of calling an old friend? Or visiting her?

And would you believe it? I checked my phone six times while typing this!


7 thoughts on “Siemens C10D vs. Samsung Galaxy Ace

  1. I remember we used to race for it when it rang…one day it fell while we were scrambling for it…but it didnt break! Ya, that phone was strong and we were one of the few families with it. Our phone was red…we felt proud carrying it around. But there was the myth that cellphones made people go mad but we stuck with it…


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